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Ein Freund von mir
Germany 2006

Opening 26 Oct 2006

Directed by: Sebastian Schipper
Writing credits: Sebastian Schipper
Principal actors: Daniel Brühl, Jürgen Vogel, Sabine Timoteo, Peter Kurth, Michael Wittenborn

Directed and written by Sebastian Schipper (Absolute Giants). Ein Freund von Mir was the opening film of the 2006 Filmfest Hamburg, that special night also being its world premier. This is a buddy film with the unlikely pair of Karl (Daniel Brühl) a young insurance company research agent and Hans (Jürgen Vogel) a daredevil car hike. Karl is assigned by his boss to spend a day incognito to see how the car rental service is working at the local airport. Karl reluctantly “applies for a job” and prankster Hans immediately attaches himself too him. Hans’ art of living resembles fraternity hazing, and it is a bit unbelievable that after one day of cruelty, Karl wants more. Maybe he wants to “save the attractive stewardess, Stelle (Sabine Timoteo) although that is unclear until the end. Some attention is better than none, and being sensually deprived, he makes a youthful choice. (Nancy Tilitz)

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