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Falling Into Place
Germany/U.K. 2023

Opening 7 Dec 2023

Directed by: Aylin Tezel
Writing credits: Aylin Tezel
Principal actors: Aylin Tezel, Alexandra Dowling, Michael Carter, Rory Fleck Byrne, Chris Fulton

Kira (Aylin Tezel) travels alone to Skye, Scotland, searching for some solace after an emotional break up. She meets Ian (Chris Fulton), who has returned home to Skye to visit his ailing father. The two share a night of drinking and playful games on the streets of Skye, enjoying each other’s company until Ian admits he has a girlfriend, Emily (Alexandra Dowling). But Kira decides to spend the next day with Ian anyway, visiting his parents when an emergency call takes them all to the hospital. The film follows Ian on his separate way back to Emily, his sister and a flailing music career and Kira returning to London to pursue her career as a set designer and her passion as an artist. Kira has a chance encounter with her ex-boyfriend Aidan (Rory Fleck Byrne) which reignites her passion. Both have returned to their former lives but continue to think about each other.

Ian and Kira are both charming characters that can keep you engaged if you like films about relationships. Otherwise, you will be falling asleep before their relationship falls into place. The three stars are for the actors, who portray the angst and joy of love and loss with aplomb, while following a script that could have been an hour shorter. (Mary Nyiri)

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