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What Happens Later
U.S.A. 2023

Opening 16 May 2024

Directed by: Meg Ryan
Writing credits: Steven Dietz, Kirk Lynn, Meg Ryan
Principal actors: Meg Ryan, David Duchovny, Hal Liggett

The storm of the century re-directs Bill (David Duchovny) to a regional airport en route to Austin, Texas, putting him in a predicament, where time is of the essence. Willa (Meg Ryan) is on her way to Boston, Massachusetts on a journey and they are both snowed in at the same airport. What are the odds? After their breakup some twenty-five years ago, they take us on a journey through their complicated past.

At first, they catch a glimpse of one another in the departure terminal; but somehow, they do not seem to want to engage with one another, or to face the reality of the situation. They eventually bite the bullet and come forward and face one another, to deal with their blast from the past. As the situation unfolds due to heavy snowfall and an impending storm, the couple discover the departure terminal and thereby take a journey back in time, first by small talk, then much later by meaningful and expressive dialogues.

Also present at the departure terminal is the voice of an airport official notifying all passengers regarding the safety regulations within the terminal. There are regular updates from the same voice which appear to be a form of Artificial Intelligence, being able to answer their questions and comments, which is rather amusing for this old school generation.

As the hours go by painstakingly slowly, they exchange their stories and anecdotes which bring back humorous and sometimes painful memories. How could they have both misjudged their past and thereby their relationship with one another? This romantic comedy is amusing and entertaining but at the same time lacks depth. (Charis Habertag)

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