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Hide and Seek - Du kannst Dich nicht verstecken (Hide and Seek)
U.S.A. 2005

Opening 7 Apr 2005

Directed by: John Polson
Writing credits: Ari Schlossberg
Principal actors: Robert De Niro, Dakota Fanning, Famke Janssen, Elisabeth Shue, Amy Irving

Does the game of Hide and Seek mean anything to you? It will after viewing this psycho-thriller, as well as leave you with lasting impressions. Emily Calloway (Dakota Fanning) grew up playing Hide and Seek with her parents, Dr. David Calloway (Robert De Niro) and Alison Calloway (Amy Irving). They had hours of fun together playing this game. Emily especially loved the closeness and joy it brought to the relationship between her and her mother. Without warning, Emily's mother is deleted from her world. Emily appears to go into shock after her mother's tragic death, and she withdraws from reality. Months pass and David observes that the psycho-therapy sessions have not brought Emily out of her depression, and he can not relate to her. He uproots the two of them from their New York City home, in hopes of relieving their painful loss, and moves to the country into an old Victorian house built with lots of rooms, nooks and attics. The area is eerie and remote, and people in town are strange. Living in the country could be a child's dream of a wonderland adventure with games galore or it could be one’s worst nightmare if they are too close to the secret hiding place of schizophrenia. In the game of Hide and Seek, "Come out, Come out, where ever you are!" is the call that one hears, if not found.

The movie is well produced for a thriller and it will "thrill" the socks off you with its twists and turns of horror. We are drawn into this non-redemptive storyline because of the quality of acting and the portrayal of the characters. In reality, the game of Hide and Seek brings a smile to almost every child's face when enticed by others to enter a world of innocent play. For all ages, it is harmless, fun, exciting, and adventurous. A multitude of emotions are a part of this game. Players trust that they will either be found by the others or that their secret will be kept, of the greatest hiding place of all time. I am thankful for reality where happiness can be found in the game of Hide and Seek and most disappointed that the name of this game is used in correlation with such a disturbing film. (Karen Pecota)

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