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One Way
Germany 2006

Opening 25 Jan 2007

Directed by: Reto Salimbeni
Writing credits: Reto Salimbeni
Principal actors: Til Schweiger, Lauren Lee Smith, Sebastien Roberts, Stefanie von Pfetten, Michael Clarke Duncan

Set in New York City, playboy Eddie Shneider (Til Schweiger) is an egomaniacal advertising executive about to marry the boss’ daughter and become partner in the successful firm. He discusses his addiction to harmless humping with his buddy best friend Angelina Sable (Lauren Lee Smith) who counsels him about the necessity for fidelity in marriage. When Angelina returns to what she thought was their closed offices for keys she had forgotten, she is raped by a colleague. Eddie does not stand by his woman and gives the rapist an alibi, even hedging his words in court to protect the family of his intended bride along with his lucrative partnership. Overacting by Schweiger, lame plot with even worse dialogue, the only way for this film is out of the movie theaters. (Mary Nyiri)

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