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King of California
Mexico/U.S.A. 2007

Opening 15 Nov 2007

Directed by: Mike Cahill
Writing credits: Mike Cahill
Principal actors: Michael Douglas, Evan Rachel Wood

Have you ever wondered why the state of California is called the golden state? One theory is that undiscovered Spanish gold is still scattered up and down the California coast line just waiting for the true explorer to encounter. The fantasy of finding such treasure has captivated many adventurous souls for centuries. First-time director Mike Cahill uses his film King of California to explore such a quest with a family struck by the onslaught of mental illness. His clever theme, no matter how tragic, opens the heart of the audience to terms of endearment. Cahill’s whimsical adventure to dig for gold is the catalyst which the family experiences to find the true meaning of trust and an unconditional love that was once lost.

Eccentric single-parent Charlie (Michael Douglas) has just been discharged from a rehab center for the mentally ill and put in to the custody of his teenage daughter, Miranda (Evan Rachel Wood). Miranda, 16 years old, has been living quite peacefully for the past two years without parental supervision until her irresponsible dreamer of a father returns to her daily world. Unfortunately, this forces her back into the role of caretaker, a position she has known all too well for most of her childhood.

Charlie’s new lease on life gives him big plans for a future together with Miranda. He wants her to join him in his search for the long-lost treasure of Spanish explorer Father Juan Florismarte Garces. Charlie is convinced that the treasure is buried under the local Costco warehouse near their home. Miranda has no interest in being a part of her father’s escapade of illusive dreams, and this new passion strains their relationship. Miranda’s love for her father is tested at great length, but it is not until she humbles herself in obedience to Charlie’s wishes that she learns that to love unconditionally has its positive side, i.e., to participate in a problematic expedition in order to experience the dream of a lifetime. (Karen Pecota)

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