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Für den unbekannten Hund
Germany 2007

Opening 6 Dec 2007

Directed by: Ben Reding
Writing credits: Ben Reding, Dominik Reding
Principal actors: Lukas Steltner, Ferris M.C., Zarah Löwenthal

Interesting about Für den unbekannten Hund are its layers of contrast which give this film its depth. Directors Dominik and Benjamin Reding used dramatic visual backdrops such as an intensely loud waterfall or a huge color-spurting fountain as a layer behind a story of a simple wandering tradesman (Lukas Steltner) who is on the run after having killed a fellow craftsman and whose running only leads him to himself. Layered upon this relatively unfamiliar theme about wandering craftsmen is a lot of in-your-face brutality including a tattoo needle continually puncturing skin, an open knife wound in the heart area, and on top of that, a weird kind of dry humor that demands laughter even during the most critical of scenes. Topped off with music from Motorhead, the Ramones, and 18th century court music, this movie packs visual and acoustic drama and will be enjoyed by those with an open mind ready to take a break from typical Hollywood overly-processed but marketable perfection. (the KinoCritics)

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