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Football under Cover
Germany 2008

Opening 24 Apr 2008

Directed by: David Assmann
Writing credits: Corinna Assmann, David Assmann, Marlene Assmann, Valerie Assmann, Ayat Najafi

This German documentary records how a girls' soccer team from Berlin (BSV Al-Dersimpoor) dreams, plans and realizes a trip to Iran to compete against the Iranian national women's team. The film spans the course of a year during which the Kreuzberg team faces numerous obstacles with the Iranian government. In the end though, we view the actual game attended by a thousand cheering women spectators. It is an atmosphere of women's lib in spite of the totally men's world outside the stadium. Besides soccer practices and Ayat's and Marlene's initial organizational trip to Teheran, we see some good coverage of the young women on a personal level – even one of the Iranian players who, unfortunately, wasn't chosen to play in the big game. It is very exciting even if you don't know much about soccer.

Directors Ayat Najafi and David Assmann made the film based on team member Marlene Assmann's idea.  The game would never have happened without the film since Marlene and Ayat used the film to put pressure on the authorities. It is a glimpse into an Iran we don't see on the TV news! (Thelma Freedman)

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