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Rettet Trigger! (Trigger)
Norway 2006

Opening 8 May 2008

Directed by: Gunnar Vikene
Writing credits: Monica Boracco
Principal actors: Ann Kristin Sømme, Sven Wollter, Anneke von der Lippe, Adele Karoline Dahl, Reidar Sørensen

I love horse movies because I love everything about horses. I draw horses, have horse bedsheets and go to riding lessons. Trigger is a very exciting movie about a girl who wishes she were brave enough to ride a horse. Alise (Ann-Katrin Somme) is a little bit afraid of horses, so when she finds a runaway horse she has her grandpa (Sven Wollter) help her get it to a barn where it could be safe. The horse, named Trigger, ran away from some mean men who beat it because it didn’t want to be a jumping horse. Her grandpa is sick and tired all the time, but he tries to make friends with Trigger and to get Alise to be less afraid of horses. I was very angry at the mean men when they found the horse in the stall with Alise and her grandpa. They want to kill Trigger and get money from an insurance company. Alise and her grandpa made a deal with the men that they could teach Trigger to jump so the men won’t kill it. It is sad when the grandpa has to go to the hospital and can’t train Trigger any more. The mean men come back, but Alise runs away with Trigger and hides. She knows her grandpa is dying in the hospital now, so she tries to take Trigger there so her grandpa can see the horse from the window one more time. The mean men follow her and chase her so she has to ride Trigger to get away from them.  I won’t tell you the ending because it is very exciting, but it ends very happily and Alise is now brave enough to ride horses. I would like to trade places with Alise because she starts the movie very sad and at the end she is happy because she has learned to be friends with horses. I would tell all my friends to watch this movie. (Allison Moede, age 8½)

Trigger, directed by Gunnar Vikene and produced by the Oslo based company CINENORD, is a sentimental movie about a girl and her horse. This film follows the plot of typical of many children’s books and thousands of movies: Girl is unhappy because she has no horse, horse appears, horse is in danger, girl saves and gets to keep horse. Any adult would have been able to figure this out just by looking at the movie poster.  Fortunately, this is not an adult movie, but rather a film for young girls who only wish to be near horses and riding stables.  Both Becka (12) and Ally (8½) enjoyed the film and would invite their girlfreinds to see it again with them. (Tracy Moede)

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