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StreetDance 3D
U.K. 2010

Opening 3 Jun 2010

Directed by: Max Giwa
Writing credits: Jane English
Principal actors: Nichola Burley, Charlotte Rampling, Richard Winsor, Rachel McDowall, Ukweli Roach

Streetdance 3D is Britain’s first digital 3D dance and first European live-action 3D film. It brings the dance movies from years ago (Footloose, Flashdance, etc.) as well as street dance style to the forefront. Street dancing has become extremely popular over the past few years thanks in large part to shows such as Britain’s Got Talent. In fact, many of the dancers in the movie have danced on that show: Flawless, Diversity and George Sampson.

The desire to win the UK Street Dance Championships gives Carly (Nichola Burley) a chance meeting with a ballet schoolmistress, Helena (Charlotte Rampling). Carly agrees to trade street dance lessons for a chance to use the ballet facilities, but before she knows it, she has been given the ultimatum to use the ballet dancers in her final routine for the UK Street Dance Championships if she wants to keep using the rehearsal space. At first they are reluctant and do not think they can learn from each other. In the end, the ballet dancers and the street dancers learn from each other about life and dancing.

This light-hearted movie intertwines the themes of dance, hard work, passion, working together, overcoming challenges, going after your goals and, of course, there is a bit of a love triangle too. The music and dancing were catchy, and the 3D nature felt as if you were sitting in the audience watching the actual show. The movie shows how the dance has influenced and changed over the years, and by the end you are ready to get up and have a go of it yourself. (Brenda Anderson-Rivera)

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