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Kirsten Greco

Kirsten has always loved films. When she was a child she used to make up her own stories and act them out with her friends. She even considered double majoring in film production at the University of Notre Dame in the U.S.A. but ended up only taking a Basics of Media course that introduced her to the world of film. She saw Citizen Kane, Psycho, All That Jazz, and even Pink Floyd: The Wall; she was hooked!

But she never had the opportunity to be more than just a film fan until she moved to Hamburg, Germany, with her husband in 2000. She wrote her first review in April 2001 and never looked back. More than 75 reviews, two Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin festivals, and two Filmfest Hamburg festivals later, she’s learned a lot about film but feels she can always discover more. Asking questions of celebrities like Nicole Kidman, George Clooney, Steven Soderbergh, Ron Howard, and Diane Keaton at Berlinale press conferences and writing for Currents, Hamburg Guide and KinoCritics in Hamburg has been a wonderful opportunity. Plus, being a layout editor for Currents and webmaster for several websites gave her the opportunity to read the many other super film reviews submitted by other Hamburg film critics.

Currently the Editor-in-Chief of KinoCritics, Kirsten is grateful for the opportunities afforded her in Hamburg as a reviewer, and she looks forward to many more great years of film.

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