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Deborah Steinborn

A native New Yorker, Deborah moved to Hamburg in 2004. She has visited a lot of local cinemas and eaten a lot of popcorn since then. 

As a freelance journalist for Forbes Magazine and Die Zeit, Deborah covers the intersection of economics, politics and society, and usually doesn’t get to write about films. So she enjoys doing so in her free time. Since 2017, she’s been involved with the Hamburg-based English-language film critics group led by Becky Tan.

Movies have played a role all her life. Her all-time favorite film is Cinema Paradiso, which prompted her at a young age to try to learn Italian (rather unsuccessfully). Her strangest movie-going experience ever was in Berlin back in 2000, when she watched a pirated copy of The Princess Bride, dubbed poorly into Dutch with German subtitles, with a roomful of gay men in a Wohngemeinschaft (a shared flat). Nowadays, she enjoys watching films with her daughters at the Abaton Kino, just a few blocks from home.

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