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The Netherlands 2010

Opening 14 Mar 2013

Directed by: Sander Francken
Writing credits: Sander Francken, Joost Schrickx
Principal actors: Abba Bilancoro, Kolado Bocoum, Dhamender Singh, Kishan Soni, Tsewang Spalgon

Dutch filmmaker Sander Francken travels through three different cultures with different religious backgrounds to search for a common universal thread between them. He found that the old folk tales with their ballads bring a message to which we can all relate, as well as learn wisdom. The first story takes place in India where a recycled-plastic collector and his son go through the streets and sometimes find what appears to be luck and often may appear as bad luck, but they have learned to accept it and be thankful for what they have and even be willing to share their good luck with their community. The second story focuses on a young boy who is asked by his teacher to find ultimate wisdom and, as he searches through the streets, realizes how hard it is to find the answer. The third story takes us to a Tibetan father and daughter where the father takes advice from everyone despite how ridiculous it may seem. It gets to the point where his daughter loses her patience and advises him to follow his heart.

Each story is beautifully filmed and switches back and forth between the musicians telling the story. The major flaw in this film is that it misses something in the structure of its content. It needs a better introduction or conclusion explaining the link between these three stories and why just these three stories and not others? The music and the stories are nice but something is definitely missing here which is a shame. (Shelly Schoeneshoefer)

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