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Systemfehler - Wenn Inge tanzt
Germany 2013

Opening 11 Jul 2013

Directed by: Wolfgang Groos
Writing credits: Thomas Winkler, Rainer Ewerrien, David Ungureit
Principal actors: Tim Oliver Schultz, Paula Kalenberg, Peter Kraus, Constantin von Jascheroff, Tino Mewes

The band Systemfehler has finally made a hit song, “Wenn Inge tanzt”, and to Max it means the world. He and his band members are willing to take all sorts of risks in order to become successful. Not only has Max become very popular at the school, but he has managed to hurt Inge’s image at school. He and his band members enjoy teasing her until an unlucky accident occurs where the guitarist breaks both of his hands. Systemfehler searches for a guitarist for the most important gig but no one has the right talent. Max’s Uncle suggests Inge, saying she has the most talent of all the students he has ever had and Max should ask her. But for Max that is a no go since they have already put themselves in a bad position with her. Negotiations take place, and an agreement is found with one of the conditions is that they are not allowed to play their hit song.

The music is interesting if the cinema has a good speaker system. Unfortunately it sounded very two dimensional at the cinema where I saw it. This is definitely a teeny movie which includes smoking, drugs, and naked bodies as well as wild pool parties and kids getting in trouble at school. The film is full of clichés and most likely appeals to teenagers between the ages of 11 to 15. (Shelly Schoeneshoefer)

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