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Killing Time - Zeit zu sterben (Killing Time)
Romania 2012

Opening 20 Feb 2014

Directed by: Florin Piersic Jr.
Writing credits: Florin Piersic Jr.
Principal actors: Florin Piersic Jr., Cristian Gutau, Olimpia Melinte, Florin Zamfirescu

Killer One and Killer Two have been sitting on the sofa in a strangerís apartment for seven hours. Killer Two decides to take a break, drive to a nearby store and buy some cigarettes. Killer One protests; after all, they must not miss their potential victim who is sure to arrive shortly. Up to this point they have literally killed time talking about whether Spiderman is gay (naturally, since he doesnít know how to drive a car) and whether Batman has a big cock (naturally, since anyone can see it through his tights). Killer One describes his success with women, when even ďold ladies stop to stare at him.Ē Killer Two hides in the bathroom for a tearful phone conversation with his wife; their child has been admitted to the hospital for an operation. He promises God to be a good man if the operation is a success. Killer One gives advice about prostate treatment; Killer Two gives advice about erasing fingerprints in the apartment. They play ping pong and video games. Killer Two returns from his errand to find that he is no longer an equal partner in the stalking of the victim. Four hours later Killer One leaves, job completed in more ways than one.

This could be called ďEleven Hours in the Life of a Contract Killer,Ē a rather boring life spent waiting, with one little ping in the end. The film opens with an old man, about whom we nothing, conversing with his killer. The one-sided conversation is about oneís mother, her rheumatism, having children and smoking. And then, bang, thatís the end of the talkative old man. There is no explanation for this segment, except possibly as a preview of whatís to come. The actual film then opens with Killers One and Two driving to the next showdown.

Florin Piersic Jr. not only directs this, his third full-length film, but also plays the part of Killer Two. Cristian Ioan Gutau as Killer One is excellent, and the two complement each other perfectly. Itís really a two-man play, which could show on stage, but, with Piersic Jr.ís inclination to film head shots, slowly and exclusively (there is practically never more than one person on screen), itís more effective as a film than it would be on stage. Itís a quiet film, with very little, but exciting, music during the credits. I highly recommend it to all potential actors and filmmakers as a yardstick for a certain approach to this art. Itís definitely an ďartĒ film which will appeal greatly to people in the business but is not for anyone looking for a relaxing night out. Florin Piersic Jrís father, Florin Piersic Sr., is a successful Romanian actor. The son seems to be following in his fatherís footsteps as an actor, and surpassing him with his successes as director and writer. Some colleagues have compared him to Quentin Tarantino, a valid comparison. We should pay attention to the career of this talented man, born in 1968. (Becky Tan)

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