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Becky Tan

Since 1994 Becky has had the pleasure of working with English-speaking film critics in northern Germany. She and the rest of the group started humbly attending press showings at Streit’s theater in Hamburg, and in the last ten years the group has evolved into a professional team which is recognized and respected among like circles. The group is unique in that they are the only ones to write reviews in English in Hamburg. They receive invitations to press conferences from twenty distributors.

The group has attended the Filmfest Hamburg since 1997 and the Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin since 2001. Becky herself has attended eight Hamburg festivals and two Berlinales. The group has published several anthologies of film reviews as well as publishes monthly reviews for Currents, Hamburg Guide,, and KinoCritics. They regularly hold workshops and information sessions to discuss improvements to their working conditions and have a terrific spring tea every April and an annual Academy Awards party.

Becky is from Kirksville, Missouri, U.S.A., and has lived in Hamburg permanently since 1964. She has a degree for teaching English and German and has been a substitute teacher in these and other subjects at the International School of Hamburg for 23 years. Writing has been her interest for a long time, or at least she likes to think so since she says she can’t draw, paint, carry a tune or play an instrument (in spite of eight years of training), cook, garden, or pilot a plane. She would hate to admit that she has no talent at all! Serious reading improves writing, as does practice, and the opportunity to attend eight to ten film press screenings a week gives ample opportunity.

Becky believes that cinema is an all encompassing art form, to be enjoyed as a good painting, play, book, and concert all in one. She would love to have more critics critique her work. She thinks that she can take criticism, since she’s more than willing to dish it out. She looks forward to seeing you at the movies.

Films Reviewed by Becky Tan