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Finn und die Magie der Musik (Finn)
The Netherlands 2013

Opening 4 Dec 2014

Directed by: Frans Weisz
Writing credits: Janneke van der Pal
Principal actors: Jenny Arean, Peter Barlage, Jan Decleir, Daan Schuurmans, Mels van der Hoeven

Finn is a Dutch boy who notices a light in an abandoned farmhouse on his way from school. He investigates and finds that an old man named Luuk has moved in. Luuk tries to give Finn the cold shoulder, but relents and even plays something for him on the violin. Finn is enchanted and asks for violin lessons. Luuk agrees, but it must be kept a secret. Will Finn become the next David Garrett?

Much will occur before even a hint of such a life could evolve. There is the relationship between Finn and his father Frank who wants him to play soccer. There is the mysterious violin in his own home, which might have belonged to his deceased mother. There is an implied connection between Finn’s father and the old man.

I first saw this at the 2014 Berlinale where the cinema was packed with children and their parents at 10:30 on a Sunday morning. Nobody was disappointed at this moving film where the plot unravels at just the right speed to keep you glued to the screen. The actors – Mels van der Hoeven (Finn), Daan Schuurmans (Frank), and Jan Decleir (Luuk) – were excellent and the ending uplifting. (Becky Tan)

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