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Arcade Fire: The Reflektor Tapes
Canada 2015

Opening 24 Sep 2015

Directed by: Kahlil Joseph
Writing credits:

Kahlil Joseph, whose short film Until the Quiet Comes won first prize at the 2013 Sundance film festival, has created a full-length documentary about the indie rock band Arcade Fire. Win Butler started the band 2002 in Montreal, and it has gained in popularity ever since. Joseph shows them in Montreal and Haiti as they put together their newest album called “Reflektor,” before going on tour to Los Angeles and London. Win Butler is the lead singer, supported by the rest of the group, including Regine Chassagne, who is also his wife, and Will Butler, who is his younger brother. Chassagne originally came from Haiti before moving to Canada due to political upheaval, and her Haitian musical background definitely influences the style of Arcade Fire, especially the drumming. Just for information: Arcade Fire contributed music to the sound track of The Tribute von Panem -- The Hunger Games.

Whether you love their music or not need not influence your impression of the film. Kahlil Joseph has created so many artistic touches with graphics, unusual film angles, and colors, that one can watch it for the artistic value rather than the musical value. Naturally, it’s even better if you like both. The Reflektor Tapes film premiered at the 2015 Toronto film festival and is opening in Germany immediately afterwards in a few selected cinemas. There are 75 minutes about the band at work and on stage, 15 minutes of an exclusive interview with three members of the band, and, finally, one new song, never before played before an audience. This might be the only song played from beginning to end, although there are snatches of 22 other songs created by Arcade Fire. It’s interesting to observe the band members as they compose. They say, “Sounds, pitches, notes, and rhythms are happening around all you all the time.” They are creative in their costumes and make up, and even the fans often look like something out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Go for fun and to learn about an important scene in the music world. (Becky Tan)

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