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Du hast gesagt, dass du mich liebst
Germany 2006

Opening 20 Apr 2006

Directed by: Rudolf Thome
Writing credits:
Principal actors: Hannelore Elsner

Johanna Perl (Hannelore Elsner) once an expert swimmer is now faced with retirement. Before, her life was once filled with routine and helped her pass the time and kept her loneliness at bay. She realises that she needs to find a successful relationship and acquires photography as a hobby in order not to be lost in the unstructured freedom which has been forced on her. Both she and her daughter find new boyfriends at the same time. They also break up at the same time since the men are unable to stay faithful to them. The film consistently mirrors the daughter’s life with hers and they both seemed to be cursed. The curse comes from the grave of the mother who never found true love. This film could have taken on a mystical and mysterious development but it doesn’t. Deep thoughts with very little action seemed to poison this film. It’s probably better to read this story as a book than to waste time seeing it as a film. By director Rudolf Thome. (Shelly Schoeneshoefer)

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