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Falscher Bekenner (Low Profile)
Germany/Denmark 2005

Opening 18 May 2006

Directed by: Christoph Hochhaeusler
Writing credits: Christoph Hochhaeusler
Principal actors: Constantin von Jascheroff

Armin is a young man who lives at home, supported by loving parents who want the best for him, the “best” being a job. His two older brothers also prop him up for success, but he fails on every count. He can’t even join the army, because the third son in a family is exempt from military service in Germany. His muddles through various job interviews (the only really funny scenes in the film), loses his girlfriend to another, and fantasizes about being the sex slave of a biker gang. Late at night he discovers a corpse in a parked car. It was murder and he pockets a clue. Newspapers give the unknown killer and people who claim to be the killer (called falsche Bekenner in German), great attention, something lacking in the life of Armin. In the end he deposits his stolen clue in a police office, is arrested and driven off to jail in a cloud of glory. Newcomer Constantin von Jascheroff, who plays Armin, reminds me of another German actor, Robert Stadlober, when he first hit the screen as a young man, and not only because they are both blond. This is a first film by director Christoph Hochhäusler which might shed some light on real Bekenner (confessors) and why they commit crimes for their 15 minutes of fame, such as, Mark David Chapman who murdered John Lennon. (Becky Tan)

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