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Alte Jungs (Rusty Boys)
Luxembourg 2017

Opening 4 Jan 2018

Directed by: Andy Bausch
Writing credits: Andy Bausch, Frank Feitler
Principal actors: André Jung, Marco Lorenzini, Paul Greisch, Fernand Fox, Josiane Peiffer

Nuckes (Jung) is the night watchman in an old folks’ home and helpfully provides the residents with illegal cigarettes and alcohol, as well as pornography on TV and the occasional prostitute. Lull (Greisch) and Fon (Lorenzini) are increasingly dissatisfied with their lives in a home where there are set rules and regulations. They are used to a less restricted life, having come from an era of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Their pal Jängi (Fox) must abandon his shack, where he lives among other similar houses, because the land has been sold to an investor. All four, Nuckes, Lull, Fon, and Jängi, have a common interest: a new home and so it is no surprise that they unite to consider several plans. Where could they go at their ages –a total of 301 years? Sharing rent for a house is an option, purchasing even better. Plans to inherit piles of cash from a rich aunt fall flat; she is not interested and soon dies, leaving everything to her housekeeper. Their various grown children are less than helpful, having enough to do with the next generation as well as their own financial difficulties.

The film’s plot concentrates almost entirely on the problem of moving in together, with a few side stories, such as the love between Lull and Nelly (Pfeiffer). They succeed in the end, of course. This is similar to other recent films about “old guys” such as The 101-Year-old-Man who Climbed out the Window, and who also, Skipped out on the Bill and, in both cases, Disappeared or Leanders letzte Reise or Monsieur Pierre geht on line (Un Profil pour Deux) in Swedish, German, and French, respectively. There seems to be an audience for this generational topic. If, however, you are not really interested in watching old men cavort, you might be very well impressed with the actors. For example, in real life Paul Greisch (Lull) is 86 and Fernand Fox (Jängi) is 83, and both are very capable in their roles. Andre Jung, who plays “young” 65-year-old Nuckes, might be familiar to German viewers as he often appeared in Hamburg’s Schauspielhaus 1993-2000. Luxemburg director Andy Bausch has experience in Germany where he made dramas for television and worked with well-known German actors. He was especially thrilled to film in his own country, Luxemburg, in his own language Lëtzebuergesch (Luxemburgish). He said, “A country without its own films is a sorry spot.” (Becky Tan)

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