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Mein verschärftes Wochenende (The Long Weekend)
Canada/U.K./U.S.A. 2005

Opening 29 Jun 2006

Directed by: Pat Holden
Writing credits: Tad Safran
Principal actors: Brendan Fehr, Chris Klein

Perhaps if you have the sense of humor or the raging hormones of a 14 year old boy, you might enjoy this movie. The potty jokes start during the opening credits and continue for a revolting 85 minutes. The plot is completely unoriginal: Cooper (Chris Klein of American Pie), a womanizing commercial model, wants to get his dorky younger brother Ed laid to help him forget his ex-girlfriend. Ed (Brendan Fehr) would rather spend the weekend saving his advertising career which has suffered during his depressive state. The two brothers set out on a predictable adventure into the wilds of strip clubs, playgrounds (for the hot single moms), laundromats, and even a church looking for loose women. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of clever dialogue to carry the film in between all the farting and the screaming/panting coming from Cooper’s bedroom. These types of stunts might have been amusing in American Pie, but now that these guys are in well into their 20s, it’s just too pathetic to be funny. If the moviemakers think that these characters are in any way true to life, I feel sorry for their girlfriends and wives. So even if your 14 year old son or brother might crack up at all the toilet references and the obnoxious antics of these two idiots, please don’t let him see this movie. It would be a shame for anyone to get the idea that acting like Cooper or Ed will get you the gorgeous girl-next-door Ed lands in the end. (Alyssa Cirelli)

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