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TRIP - Remix Your Experience
Germany 2005

Opening 17 Aug 2006

Directed by: Frank Otto
Writing credits: Bernd Kohler-Adams, Frank Otto

TRIP or Remix your Experience was a multimedia event created by Frank Otto and Bernt Köhler-Adams. For four long years the two artist-composers, supported by teams of photographers and musicians, put together a 78-minute audio/visual happening of film and music which was projected simultaneously on four huge screens bordered by 12 smaller ones. The photos followed four themes: people on planet Earth, underwater, the Berlin subway and artwork. When I saw this at the 2005 Filmfest Hamburg, I mostly remember turtles, graphic art, hair, feet, heads, and ethnic groups. They composed their own music, which they compared with Pink Floyd, Miles Davis and Ravel. Most exciting for me was that this happening “happened” in the Levantehaus on Mönckebergstraße. The whole mall was open to the public after hours for a EUR 5 ticket. Besides the bigger screens, smaller screens were set up all over the place. There was a cocktail party atmosphere with people milling around, glasses in hand. What a wonderful place to have a party. This was a coup for the Filmfest, since the world premiere of this event was at the Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan. (Becky Tan)

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