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Mein Lotta-Leben – Alles Bingo mit Flamingo
Germany 2019

Opening 29 Aug 2019

Directed by: Neele Leana Vollmar
Writing credits: Bettina Börgerding, Daniela Kohl, Alice Pantermüller
Principal actors: Stefanie Bock, Caro Cult, Meggy Hussong, Levi Kazmaier, Carolin Kebekus

Eleven-year-old Lotta Petermann (Meggy Hussong) lives with her mother Sabine and her father Rainer, a teacher, and her younger twin brothers, who drive her crazy. Her mother is interested in meditation led by Heiner Krishna. Her teacher, Frau Kackert, forbids any association of her name with similar words, which are greatly insulting in German (such as Kache which means crap). A group of classmates called the Glamour Girls, led by Berenike (Zaila Ziegler), mob Lotta. Berenike is rich and knows it. She has invited everyone to her party except Lotta and Cheyenne (Yola Streese). These two hang out with Paul (Levi Lazmaier) and call themselves “The Wild Rabbits.” Rabbits, as well as a turtle and a dog, play a role. Lotta’s flute is always landing in unusual places such as the dish washer. There is a cameo appearance by German pop singer, Lukas Rieger, who plays Marlon. He composed four new songs for the film.

Not only do small brothers argue, but so do best friends. Here there is a message about friendship and getting along with each other. The actors, as well as the animals, are excellent, as is Paul’s wonderful tree house, which serves as a meeting place. This children’s film is based on a successful series of books by Alice Pantermüller with illustrations by Daniela Kohl. This first film about Lotta inspired me to buy one of the 15 books in the series and read about the typical problems of young girls. The book’s use of incorporating illustrations was carried over into the film. I enjoyed the film even more the second time I saw it, this time with Amber, age 7. (Becky Tan)

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