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Der kleine Rabe Socke: Suche nach dem verlorenen Schatz
Germany 2019

Opening 12 Dec 2019

Directed by: Verena Fels, Sandor Jesse
Writing credits: Katja Grubel
Principal actors: Jan Delay, Anna Thalbach, Nellie Thalbach, Dieter Hallervorden

Socke is a raven who wears white socks and interacts with his friends Little Badger, Eddie the Bear, Löffel the rabbit, Stulle the wild boar, Wolle the sheep, and others. Little Badger’s mother is not amused when Socke ruins a cake, baked especially for her party. To atone for his craziness he must clean up Mama Badger’s attic. Little Badger helps him and, by chance, they discover a hidden room containing a map leading to the treasure that Grandpa Badger was seeking, when he took off, never to be seen again. Whoever holds the treasurer is also the “King of the Forest,” an idea appealing to Socke, who enjoys commanding, as royalty would do. He, Little Badger, and Eddie the Bear, map in hand, begin the search. This leads to adventures, dangers, and responsibilities. On the way to Fog Mountain (Nebelberg) they cross a dangerous bridge, fall into a well, enter a cave, and travel on a raft. Little Badger loses Schnuffel his prized stuffed animal, and finding it takes priority. Fritzi, a girl beaver, fishes it out of the water, learns of their plans, and joins them. Her brothers, Henry and Arthur, follow secretly, hoping to snatch the treasure for themselves. They even go so far as to kidnap Little Badger. After much stress, all six reach their goal and find an unexpected treasure! They return home and Mama Badger greets them, saying, “You found the best treasure possible.” 
Der Kleine Rabe Socke (little Raven Socks) originated as children’s books by Nele Moost and Annet Rudolph. This is the third filmed version, after Gemeinsam bin ich Stark (2012) and Das Grosse Rennen (2015), as well as a 52-part television series. There are two new songs by Alex Komlew. Director Verena Fels said, “Children want to know how to get along with friends and watching Socke in his manoeuvers, strengthens the competence of children to interact among each other.” She considers Little Badger one of the most important characters, as he develops from insecurity and assuming the blame, to strong self-confidence.  Producer Dirk Beinhold said, “The message is, that the true treasure does not lie in material things.” The bottom line is, besides life-guiding messages, Little Raven Socks is simply much fun, as confirmed by my four-year-old colleague who loved all 73 minutes, as did I. (Becky Tan)

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