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Oh, wie schön ist Panama
Germany 2006

Opening 21 Sep 2006

Directed by: Martin Otevrel
Writing credits: Janosch , Guido Schmelich
Principal actors: Til Schweiger, Dietmar Bär, Anke Engelke, Ralf Schmitz, Micro Nontschew

Mom Shelly says: This is a simple story of a tiger (Til Schweiger) and a bear (Dietmar Bär) who love their home but would like to see what is on the other side of the hill. After finding a banana crate from Panama they begin to fantasize how Panama is the best land to be in and thus begins their adventure. This film is suited for small children, age 2-8. This could be a good first film for a child since nothing terrible happens and there are not very many films in this category these days. The music is sweet and the animation is cute but this is not the big adventure story like the one that Lars the Polar bear takes.

Son Adrian (age 8) says: For children over eight this film may be a bit boring. I did not like that the characters weren’t intelligent. I did not like that they don’t ever get to the real Panama and I guessed that they would end up back at home way before it happened. I didn’t like how their good, new fish friend just says goodbye without really discussing the separation. (Shelly Schoeneshoefer)

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