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Alfons Zitterbacke – Endlich Klassenfahrt
Germany 2022

Opening 7 Jul 2022

Directed by: Mark Schlichter
Writing credits: John Chambers, Gerhard Holtz-Baumert, Mark Schlichter
Principal actors: Leni Deschner, Jonas Heinrich, Haley Louise Jones, Dennis Kharazmi, Ole Koehler

Wake up Alfons Zitterbacke (Luis Vorbach)! Waking up late for the week-long school field trip is just the beginning of his problems. When his mother’s new boyfriend switches their suitcases, Alfons becomes the laughingstock of his classmates. The only one who believes in him is Leonie (Leni Deschner), the new girl on the block on whom he happens to have a crush. Due to his long history of creating accidental chaos in the class, Alfons has only two close friends, Benni (Leopold Ferdinand Schill) and Emilia (Lisa Moell); he also has many enemies including his teacher and a small gang of friends headed by Nico (Ron Anthony Renzenbrink).

Alfons Zitterbacke – Endlich Klassenfahrt is a typical classical German teenager film where the entire class feels uncomfortable with themselves as they struggle to find their identity. The most important aspect is that they fit into the class, or they are expelled. Director Mark Schlichter plays with the roles of heroes or victims in a scenario which is done within a safe field of antics. It’s an unusual and refreshing film since it doesn’t contain cuss words or hard violence which may be a healthier influence on the teens of today. (Shelly Schoeneshoefer)

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