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Nicht ganz koscher (No Name Restaurant)
Germany 2022

Opening 4 Aug 2022

Directed by: Stefan Sarazin, Peter Keller
Writing credits: Stefan Sarazin, Peter Keller
Principal actors: Luzer Twersky, Hitham Omari, Makram Khoury, Riyad Sliman

With an unexpected death, the already shrinking Jewish community located in Alexandria, Egypt, is faced with a dilemma which has to be solved before the Passover Feast begins. It is tradition that 10 men from the community will be present at this feast but currently they are only nine. They finally find a most unlikely candidate who has just arrived in Jerusalem. Ben (Luzer Twersky), an ultraorthodox Jew from Brooklyn, has just finished his studies, and his parents want the matchmaker to find him the perfect wife; the only problem is that he has other plans.

In this seemingly lighthearted comedy, Ben agrees to be the 10th man and save the only Jewish community existing in Alexandria. Through several mishaps, he accompanies Adel (Haitham Omari), a Bedouin searching for his camel in the Sinai desert. The adventure brings them closer together as well as the challenges that lay before them. They have to make compromises in order to survive the rugged desert. This lovely gem of a film teaches all of us what is truly important in life. (Shelly Schoeneshoefer)

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