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Der junge Häuptling Winnetou
Germany 2022

Opening 11 Aug 2022

Directed by: Mike Marzuk
Writing credits: Mike Marzuk, Karl May, Gesa Scheibner
Principal actors: Mika Ullritz, Milo Haaf, Lola Linnéa Padotzke, Mehmet Kurtulus, Anatole Taubman

Winnetou (Mika Ullritz) is the son of Apache Indian chief Intschu tschuna (Mehmet Kurtulus). Although only 12-years-old, he already considers himself to be a great warrior (with a bow and arrow), on the verge of awesome accomplishments. Naturally his father knows that Winnetou has much to learn, beginning with taking responsibility for others and keeping his own impulses under control. The tribe already has enough existential problems: the buffalo, their source of life, are disappearing. By chance Winnetou connects with young Tom Silver (Milo Haaf), who is a white boy and an orphan. Along with Winnetou’s sister Nseho-tschi (Lola Linméa Padotzke), the three set off on a horse to save the Apache nation. Arriving in the nearby town at the Rio Sancho Saloon, they experience dangerous confrontations, eventually finding the buffalo in Devil’s Canyon. But Winnetou cannot simply disappear without telling his father, who is concerned.

Who isn’t familiar with Winnetou, considering that author Karl May, has sold over 100 million copies of his stories, which have been translated into 47 languages, and turned into 11 films, the first showing in 1962. Residents of Hamburg see live performances every summer in nearby Bad Segeberg’s open-air theater. Now, inspired by Karl May, director Mike Marzuk has created an image of Winnetou as a young boy, who experiences friendship, loyalty, and courage. The action is supported by beautiful scenes of Indians in creative costumes, surrounded by tents and marvelous horses with personalities of their own. We meet up with Hank (who cheats at poker), Sheriff Watson and his co-workers, as well as Ellie, who worries about young Tom. Watch for a character who looks like a copy of Germany’s famous singer, Udo Lindenberg. Parallel to the lesson of learning and taking responsibility, there is the moral of racism and acceptance. Although this is a film for young fans six years and older, it is entertaining for the whole family: wonderful actors, and environment (filmed in Spain) including a deep canyon which turns into a dangerous threat. (Becky Tan)

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