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Get up (Get Up)
Germany 2023

Opening 29 Jun 2023

Directed by: Lea Becker
Writing credits: Lea Becker, Christine Heinlein, Alexander Dydyna, Grit Fischer
Principal actors: Lena Mantler, Lisa Mantler, Sinje Irslinger, Jobel Mokonzi, Anton Kappler

Four girls have finished high school and now plan their future, but first they spend the summer on their skateboards zooming around Frankfurt. They are twins Alex (Lena Mantler) and Juli (Lisa Mantler), as well as their friends Nia (Jobel Mlkonzi) and Ewa (Sinje Irslinger). Alex has a boyfriend who also skates; Juli wants to go to Australia. Nia is new in the world of skateboards and finds it difficult to learn. Ewa has contrary opinions. They hang out in a skate park, as well as a swimming pool; they watch films they made of themselves skating. They call themselves the Get Up Girls. “Get Up” as in “When-you-fall-get-up,” is something they do regularly. They compete in a Girls Skate Festival. First prize is a train trip and new skateboards.

This is the first full-length film for twins Lena and Lisa Mantler. Although they are identical with brown eyes and blond hair, here they play different personalities. Jobel Mikonzi, who plays Nia, is Black; and Sinje Irslinger, who plays Ewa, is White. Presented as “summer, sun, and skate,” the real stars are the skateboards over a fast 90 minutes. Amazingly, the actresses skate well, although, naturally, the difficult artistic presentations are performed by a trained stunt crew. Accompanied by 10 songs, this will appeal especially to a teenaged audience. For all of us, it’s an opportunity to follow new, young performers on their way up the film world. (Becky Tan)

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