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Germany 2023

Opening 5 Oct 2023

Directed by: Maria Binder
Writing credits:

Eren Keskin has been an active human rights lawyer for over 30 years in Turkey. She fights for basic rights and freedom in her country. She has fought battles that most won’t even touch for fear of their lives. She particularly concentrates on the rights of women in the LGBTIQ* community as well as the minority groups who are often beaten or sexually assaulted by the state enforcement agents. She has no fear of speaking out against the state government despite the fact that she too is at risk. She has no limits when it comes to fighting her battles, which has made her a political enemy of the state. She has now been accused of having gone too far within the legal system and has been threatened with fines and prison time. Despite these accusations, she continues fighting in the courts for her clients, not knowing which battle might be her last.

The documentary by German director Maria Binder gives a small window into the life of Eren Keskin. We see a strong Kurdish woman who grew up in Turkey before it dawned on her that the Kurds needed a heroine. Even her mother in this documentary said her daughter is smart and she never gives up a fight. We see how she works, where she works, and we see her when she has a moment for herself. Although the documentary covers quite a bit of ground, the film is like a spider’s nest of information. It is a film that might be easier to digest if one speaks Turkish or Kurdish but relying purely on German subtitles to understand the story is a huge effort in patience. (Shelly Schoeneshoefer)

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