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Germany 2024

Opening 20 Jun 2024

Directed by: Eva Trobisch
Writing credits: Eva Trobisch
Principal actors: Minna Wündrich, Pia Hierzegger, Lukas Turtur, Lilli Lacher, Pierre Siegenthaler

Ivo (Minna Wündrich) is a caregiver who travels around in her Skoda car from patient to patient. We experience her visiting at least five elderly ladies and eight elderly men. She hugs them, reads books to them, and doesn’t mind taking home some of their clothes. She spends about 50 percent of her time with Solveigh (Pia Hierzegger), a patient who, although a bit younger, is bedridden and seriously considering bringing an end to her life. Solveigh’s husband Franz assists in her care, which brings him closer to Ivo as they work together, e.g., cooking. Soon their nearness develops into an affair with Ivo and Frank meeting in the Rhein Hotel Suite or a bar.

Here we have two, often independent, parallel stories: Solveigh’s last days of life and Ivo and Franz’s love affair (which includes scenes of them naked). Also, Ivo must consider responsibility for her young daughter and their dog. Professionally, about fifteen colleagues meet to discuss their jobs. In the end, there is a small baby, a death certificate, and perhaps an inheritance. There is very little text in this slow-moving film with long periods of silence. Actors often stare into space. This is an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with actress Minna Wündrich, whom we will certainly enjoy more often in the future. Ivo showed at the 2024 Berlinale Film Festival in the section “Encounters.” (Becky Tan)

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