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In 3 Tagen bist Du tot (Dead in 3 Days)
Austria 2006

Opening 22 Feb 2007

Directed by: Andreas Prochaska
Writing credits: Thomas Baum
Principal actors: Karl Fischer, Michou Friesz, Ines Honsel, Amelie Jarolim, Andreas Kiendl

An ugly old man puts a thick string around his neck, kicks the chair aside and lets his body dangle lifelessly from the rafters. The headmistress of the local school in an idyllic Austrian village delivers her final speech at a school graduation. The impatient youngsters are eager to be released into the real world to celebrate. Three pretty girls and two boys, very close friends since early childhood, are a close-knit clique. Off they go in a borrowed car, singing, joking, shouting and kissing (four of them are sweethearts). At home, Nina’s (Sabrina Reiter) mobile phone announces, “In three days you will be dead.” Shrugging off this bad joke, she looks forward to the party with boyfriend Martin (Laurence Rupp). Only as Martin disappears at the disco are the friends (Julia Rossa Röckl, Michael Steinocher, Nadja Vogel) alarmed since they all received an identical message. The next day Martin’s body is found floating in the lake. Horror and fear grip the friends. The bad joke is reality. Meanwhile, the murderer is stalking his next victim with the utmost brutality. Who is he; what is driving him with such hatred? The police are helpless. Are the youngsters harbouring a secret, hiding a mutual deed somebody wants to avenge? Nina is the only one who has seen this face before? The remaining friends do their own detective work. More tension builds up, more bloody scenes. I cringe in my seat as one brutal scene follows the next.

If you are not one of the faint-hearted, don’t mind watching young and pretty young people in their bloom getting mistreated and brutally murdered, this film should get your adrenalin going. The beautiful but mysterious landscape around the dark lake forms a perfect contrast to the brutality of the story. Austrian director Andreas Prochaska has chosen a very talented young team, acting with great engagement. (Birgit Schrumpf)

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