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U.S.A. 2006

Opening 7 Jun 2007

Directed by: Todd Verow
Writing credits: Jim Dwyer, Todd Verow
Principal actors: Charlie Ard, Hilary Mann, Mindy Hofman, Jono Mainelli, Gregory J. Lucas

Director Todd Verow has made an autobiographical feature film about growing up in the projects in Bangor, Maine. “Projects in Maine” sounds like an oxymoron, but Verow tries to prove differently. The teenaged Todd character named Joe (Brad Hallowell) discusses life with his sister. They live with their mother who is a dope addict or alcoholic. A typical family exchange is: Mother says, “I’m going to pass out on the sofa. If I don’t wake up, call the coroner.” Joe replies, “I already programmed it on your speed dial.” Joe and his friend Andrew (Gregory J. Lucas) hang out with two girls, one a cheerleader (“I am head cheerleader and you are the football star and we have certain obligations.”). They work at the supermarket, shoplift, hang out at gay bars, and dream of leaving Bangor. Joe moves in with an older homosexual and cares for him. There is hetero- and homosexual sex, a man is attacked, the sister steals money from the boss and escapes from the city on a plane. The lead actors are beautiful young men but the script wanders and didn’t always hold my attention. Perhaps I was too busy watching the people in the audience and trying to guess why they had purchased tickets to this film which showed at the 2006 Berlinale. (Becky Tan)

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