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Tage oder Stunden (Love Me No More, Deux jours à tuer)
France 2008

Opening 30 Apr 2009

Directed by: Jean Becker
Writing credits: Eric Assous, Jérôme Beaujour, Jean Becker, François d'Épenoux
Principal actors: Albert Dupontel, Marie-Josée Croze, Pierre Vaneck, Alessandra Martines, Cristiana Réali

What is wrong with Antoine (Albert Dupontel), the good-looking 42-year old family man? He lives comfortably in a modern house in a Paris suburb with no financial worries. He owns half of a profitable advertising firm. His pretty wife and two children love him. Suddenly, during one weekend he destroys everything. He wants to go away, far away. Cécile (Marie-Josée Croze) is frustrated and helpless dealing with her husband’s unreasonable behaviour.

Is he in a midlife crisis; does he suffer from burn-out? Has he gone crazy? No one knows. Or is Marion (Alessandra Martines), the handsome dark-haired woman, the reason? Cécile is convinced that he has an affair. When his good old friends organise a surprise birthday party, he keeps provoking and insulting his guests. A nasty fistfight develops, by the end of which he just leaves the house and his family. Marion takes him in for the night, and in the morning he leaves Paris. His car speeds 150 miles an hour along the highway on the way to the ferry that brings him to Ireland. Is he happy amongst strangers in a bar? No, this is not the reason for his trip. His estranged father, who left his family when Antoine was still a child, stays in a remote country cottage. The old man, living alone with his dog, uses few words for communication but is totally hooked on fly-fishing (excuse the pun). Whilst father and son are out in the middle of the river, the story takes an unexpected turn, leading to an explanation for Antoine’s flight from home.

The film has been adapted from the novel by Francois d’Espenoux, with Albert Dupontel shouldering the main part. But also Marie-Josée Croze as the wife and Pierre Vaneck as the father have been well-cast and directed by Jean Becker (in Germany well known for his successful Dialog mit meinem Gärtner/Dialog with my gardener, 2007). (Birgit Schrumpf)

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