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Die Stimme des Adlers (Eagle Hunter's Son)
Germany/Sweden/Denmark 2009

Opening 18 Jun 2009

Directed by: René Bo Hansen
Writing credits: René Bo Hansen, Staffan Julén, Stefan Karlsson
Principal actors: Asilbek Badelkhan, Serikbai Khulan, Bazarbai Matei, Mardan Matei

This children’s film by René Bo Hansen appeared at the Berlinale this year and has now landed in Hamburg for those who are interested in seeing the vast landscapes of Mongolia. Although the setting of this film is the Mongolian Steppe, it was actually an international team from Germany, Denmark and Sweden who brought this film to the screen. The story follows the life of a young sheepherder Bazarbai (Bazarbai Matyei) and actually mirrors the real life story of his family, who has lived in this region for over 500 years. Bazarbai’s father is the fifth generation to work with falcons, and he has expectations that Bazarbai will continue their family’s tradition. Bazarbai has a hard time accepting the archaic techniques on falconry which are being pushed upon him. He is too young, too impatient, but most of all he wants to go to the city with his older brother and move into modern times. He soon becomes aware that the mythology behind these birds is a reality, and this gives him not only a chance to understand these magnificent birds but also to earn the respect of both the birds and his family. Playing the role of anthropologists, we have the chance to see into the lives of this ethnic group which is slowly disappearing and being absorbed into the corrupted and polluted modern Chinese cities. (Shelly Schoeneshoefer)

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