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Rose Finlay

A fan of film ever since she first saw Casablanca as a bright-eyed twelve-year-old, Rose spent years watching every movie she could get her hands on. An avid musician from a young age, she spent her formative years practicing trumpet for hours and dreaming of one day being a Hollywood session musician. After studying music in college for a short time, these dreams faded and she went on to complete degrees in Psychology and Music at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire. Franklin Pierce had an excellent Film and Media Studies program, one which Rose did not take advantage of (much to her chagrin these days), but she did enjoy the expansive film collection in the library. A master’s in European Studies at Trinity College, Dublin followed shortly thereafter, and after a couple of years of imbibing too much Guinness and postmodern philosophy, she packed up her things and moved to Hamburg, Germany.

It was in Hamburg where Rose was given her first opportunity to write as a freelance journalist, and over the past several years she has written for several English-speaking publications in Germany. Her specialty is film criticism, and she is an annual attendee of both the Hamburg Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival. Following her move to Berlin in 2014, Rose has expanded her career and in addition to film criticism she now also works as a copy editor, online content creator, and social media manager for a variety of publications and organizations.

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